Ad Recruiter

Specializing in hard-to-fill Senior Executive Searches, sourcing exceptional talent with annual income from the low $100,000 + above


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Advertising knowledge & Recruiting Services:


Our Consultants are best in class, with proven in-house working experience at prestigious global advertising agencies. We understand how successful Advertising Agencies operate.


Confidentiality & Integrity are paramount when working with our clients, our networking partners and our candidates. We represent the true qualifications, salary level and aspirations of targeted individuals. Our success is based on the ability to be a trusted partner within the advertising community.


Our Services provided to our clients include:

*   Pre-Assignment Recruitment Forms

*   Agency Cultural Assessment

*   Detailed Competitive Analysis of Search

*   Method of Recruitment

*   Confidentiality

*   In-depth Screening/Interviewing

*   Detailed & Reliable – References

*   Salary Negotiation

*   Accurate Reports of dedicated time allotment

*   Contingent & Retained Recruitment