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Specializing in hard-to-fill Senior Executive Searches, sourcing exceptional talent with annual income from the low $100,000 + above


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Thank you for your inquiry about our Assignments. Below are examples of the accounts and disciplines we have successfully recruited & placed extraordinary individuals within the advertising industry:     



Agency Accounts                       Disciplines


Jaguar                                      Strategic Planning


Skyy Vodka                               SVP, Account Management


Bebe                                         Creative Direction


Land Rover                               CRM Executives


Sony                                         Interactive


Lincoln/Mercury                      Direct Marketing


Taco Bell                                  Promotional Marketing


Mattel                                       Event Marketing


Sol Cerveza                               Media


Ford Motor Company               Marketing Analytics


Luxury Automotive + Packaged Goods + Liquor/Beverage + Fast Food + Toy + Consumer Electronics + Apparel + Retail Advertising


New York+ Los Angeles+ Detroit+ San Francisco+ Seattle+ Portland+ OrangeCounty+ Chicago+ Mexico+ London